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Clean Puffs

Every Home Needs Clean Puffs

Used in kitchen, bath, and general cleaning.  For a scrubbing puff it cannot be beat.  Replace as needed. 

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Price List

We appreciate your support. Below you will find a new adjusted price list.    

Clean Puffs are $1.00 per puff    

Shipping is $8.00   

Example for shipping:  01-36 puffs =$8.00  37-72 puffs =$16.00  73-108 puffs =$24.00    

Please complete the order request form at the bottom of the 'Home Page'. All payments must be mailed in to VIP; once payment is received your order will be processed and mailed out within 24 to 48 hours.    

Make checks payable and mail to:  Vocational Independence Program (VIP)  G-5069 Van Slyke Road  Flint, MI 48507