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Supports Employment



Supported employment services at VIP provide initial and ongoing supports, service and training to help those served find and keep paid employment in a community setting. The services include job site development, job coaching and follow along support services. A work site assessment will be completed to analyze the job and the work environment to promote a good match for the person served, and to identify any health or safety considerations that will be addressed.    

Service Parameters   

Services are provided at the employment setting in the community. Hours of service will vary by the job, and are discussed and agreed on at the time of the job offer. Initial staffing may be very high, up to and including one to one intervention, with fading of job coaching over a planned period of time. Follow along support is maintained with a minimum of one contact per month.      

We Offer   

•Trial Work Experience   

•Job Shadowing   

•Job Development    

•Job Coaching      


The VIP Program provides a variety of work experiences that are based on individual needs and assessments.